Introducing GLOBAL iFind

Powered By KYCS.CA

GLOBAL iFind is an advanced Bluetooth Identification device
and platform that links you to your property using a smartphone.


GLOBAL iFind uses the KYCS - Keeping Your Community Safe App
as an aid to identify your belongings and protect valuable items.

Range Indicator

Displays the distance to your GLOBAL iFind device when located.

GPS Location

Displays last known GPS location.

Recovery Network Feature

The APP is designed for Law Enforcement Offi cers to locate and identify assets that have been reported stolen. Police occurrence number is required.

Missing Your Asset

Share with the Lost & Found Network and if your GLOBAL iFind device is located by a user, it will anonymously update its last known GPS location.

Share Family & Friends

Share your registered GLOBAL iFind device with friends and family so they can also identify your device using their Smartphone’s Bluetooth.

Community Watch Network

No purchase is required. Download the KYCS App and your smartphone becomes part of the Neighbourhood Watch community. Your smartphone will help identify stolen property, lost pets and missing individuals that are equipped with a KYCS approved Bluetooth Identification device.

Neighbourhood Watch
in the Palm of Your Hand


When you download the KYCS App, your smartphone becomes part of the Neighbourhood Watch Community. Your smartphone will help identify stolen property, lost pets and missing individuals that are equipped with GLOBAL iFind approved Bluetooth Identification device.


No purchase required to ‘Join the Network’. The KYCS App is free to download.

Join the Community Watch Network
to help build safer communities.


In Fort St. John, a small community, people have a real sense of connection to each other and the town. Global iFind is a product we can offer that really helps reinforce that thinking and level of comfort in our community.

Our customer base genuinely loves this product, which makes it easy to disclose to them as they physically touch the product and engage in experience by downloading the KYCS app. It is a very positive F&I value-add experience for us and our customers. Building the iFind and KYCS community safety and theft protection network in Fort St. John helps us reinforce our brand positioning and product offering at Fort City Chrysler and bring us closer to the community we do business in.

We have been successfully marketing the iFind program for months now and look forward to continuing to add value with our offering and supporting our local community.

Reese Kozoway, Business Manager, Fort City Chrysler

Global iFind has provided Cold Lake Ford with an excellent value-add product and program to work alongside our existing suite of vehicle protection offerings. In Cold Lake, where auto theft is a growing problem, our customers are genuinely interested and grateful to be a part of the iFind network. The feedback we are getting from our customers is that it gives them ‘peace of mind’, which give us peace of mind as well.

This product helps solve an issue we have locally. By offering Global iFind and being part of the larger asset protection and community safety network, it shows that Cold Lake Ford is a business that cares about its customers and community.

Joni Laforce, F&I Manager at Cold Lake Ford